April 18, 2011

a flower for all seasons

No matter the time of year...
(Who says flowers can't bloom in the winter?)
No matter the stage of life...
(Who says you're too old for a lot of glitz and glam?)
No matter the occasion...
(Who says you're too dressed up? -aren't they just too dressed down?)

...Tammy's Funky Flowers has just what you need to bring color to your life, at any age, for any reason!

Just take it from sweet Adilynn.
She's barely lived her life and she already has it all figured out:

life's too short...so make the most of it!

The "Adilynn" Flower

April 11, 2011

My Kind of Pretty

I simply love it when the weather starts to get warmer. It has a magical way of filling my soul... Maybe it's the fresh air from my open windows dancing with my curtains. Maybe it's the care-free singing of the birds in wee hours of the morn. Maybe it's the constant power of the sun that thaws out the winter in my heart. It could be the peeking of yellow petals from beneath a brown earth. The sweetness of a fresh strawberry flooding my mouth. Anticipating the days of swinging on the porch. Sipping lemonade. Hearing the ice cubes create a personal symphony in my glass. Long walks after dinner. Watching God paint the sky in hues of purple, pink, and orange. The lingering smell of dinner in the air from a neighbor's grill. And longer days that give me more time to spend with the ones I love. Whatever it is, why-ever it is, that's my kind of pretty. So bring on the warmth. Bring on the magic. It's time to live like it's summer.
Meet Brianna.

Ain't she simply lovely?

Photos of Brianna courtesy of Sara Meyer Photography(check her out on Facebook)

The "Brianna" Flower