July 30, 2010

Meet Davis

Okay so this girl gets an extra special post....thats cause she just so happens to be my baby(big) girl!!! I don't know what I would do without her. She is the best daughter, sister, helper and little mommy in the world. God couldn't have given me a better oldest daughter. Every year she just gets sweeter and sweeter. Can you tell I just love her to death. Oh and I also think she is one of the prettiest girls in the world. I am a bit biased but hey I have a right to be!!!

~ Me and My Davis Layne ~

~ The "Davis" Flower ~


Home♥Mom.com said...

What a lovely post! My oldest is the same way, sweet, motherly, and wise in her young age.
You both have the same beautiful eyes too!

Love your flowers too. In highschool, I used to wear flowers on my purse, in my hair and people thought I was so weird. Love that everyone has caught back up.

Happy Friday! thanks so much for hopping with me early, have a great weekend!
Christy, Home♥Mom

The Florida Hogans said...

She totally deserves a special post. Thank you for being such a sweet girl and best friend to Payten and Camryn. Love you Davis Layne!

Sarah said...

Wow, pretty girls and pretty flower!
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Andria said...

Beautiful flowers!
Following you from Follow Me Back, Tuesday!
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