September 29, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!

My Sister in Law Jenny has decided to start her own work from home business. I am so loving these appliques she is making and SOOOOOO excited she lives just down the street so I can bug her all the time for more. We are hosting a giveaway with Get Your Cute On. Not only will the winner receive a turkey applique but they will also win a matching Tammy's Funky Flower (picture below). To enter the giveaway please visit Get Your Cute On. Before entering the giveaway you must "like" both Tammy's Funky Flowers and Get Your Cute On on facebook. If you place an order from Jenny you will also get an additional entry in the drawing. Good Luck!!!


Michelle said...

P.S. Tammy, your daughter is GORGEOUS! I'd die to have her hair. Simply breathtaking!

Tammy's Funky Flowers said...

Aww thanks are so sweet. I love her hair too...I wish mine was that color. Well it probably is but I have to much gray to ever take the chance and

Kara Wright said...

Oh these are cute! Go Jenny! :)

Nicole Bingham said...

Just following your cute blog from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Please follow me back @

Thanks, Nicole Mariana

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