November 29, 2010

Recipe for A Sweet Little Kennedy

First you add some sugar.
Then a little spice.
Blend well.
Fold in just a dash of 'everything nice'.
Bake until sweet.
To decorate, add a dollop of frosting atop a button nose.
And to complete your confection, adorn hair with the "Mini Sadie" flower.
Enjoy! Being sure to eat up every last crumb of those scrumptious 1-year-old cheeks!

The "Mini Flamingo" flower
adds just the right amount of sweetness to
Little Kennedy's birthday outfit.
Happy 1st Birthday Kennedy!

The "Kennedy" Flower
(A necessary ingredient for your sweet little confection)


LeeAnn said...

Awwww. Kennedy looked so cute on her big day! And I LOVE the Kennedy flower! I might have to add that to Rylie's collection. LOL

I should have some Christmas flower pics for you soon. ;-)

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